Viewing the code or data for an SA1

When viewing datasets on the map you can see the data displayed at three different levels SA3, SA2, SA1. SA1 is the most granular of these. Scroll in and out to view the data at the three different levels. You can zoom into SA1 for any dataset. Then click on the ‘INFO’ box to make the key disappear.

To see which level you are viewing the data at, click on the Info button in the top right hand corner on the page. In this example, you can see that you are viewing data at SA1 level, and also that you have turned on hotspots.

SA1 1.png

To find the code for an SA1 or its data value

First, if you have the legend open, click on the ‘INFO’ button to make it disappear. There are about 55,000 SA1s in Australia, and they all have a number. If you want to find out the number of an SA1, hover your pointer over a little area. When you hover over an SA1, its border will become a thicker white line. You should see a little black box appear up near the ‘INFO’ icon. This box has the number of your SA1 in it, and in brackets, the data for that area. In the example below, the mouse is hovered over the SA1 on the point near Bellerive, which is SA1 60102100407 (from Census 2016) and has 24.27% of its population aged 65 and above.

Sa1 2.png

If you click once on the area itself, the black box will turn red and freeze and turn red.

SA1 3.png

This means you can copy the SA1 number if you want to use it. SA1s are redefined every Census. Community Insight Australia uses the 2016 Census definitions, so the information in the red box below, means you’ve selected SA1 number 60102100407 as defined by the 2016 Census.

SA1 is the smallest area that the software can produce a report for. You will need to know the number of the SA1 to define it as a standard area under the ‘My areas’ tab. You will also need to know what SA3 it falls in. Click on this link to download a spreadsheet from the ABS showing SA2 numbers and names and their corresponding SA3 numbers and names.

Please Note:

  • If you click on the SA1 and turn the little box red, you will be able to see the number for this SA1 in the top right corner, but not the value for the dataset you are looking for. In order to see the value for the dataset you must hover over that area.
  • This function only works for SA1s. You cannot hover over an SA2 and see its name or data value.
  • Reload the map and start again if you don’t want a SA1 selected (red) any more.