What can Community Insight Australia do?

Evidence maps for your location-based decisions.

Location-based decisions need location-based information. Community Insight Australia replaces spreadsheets with maps. Users can explore hotspots, as well as create and compare social profiles of the Australian communities. Community Insight Australia is a web-based tool so you don’t need to download any software. It was designed by people who work on the front line to be used by anyone within 30 seconds of first logging on – if you can use a map, you can use Community Insight Australia.


CIA snapshot - Brisbane- unemployed and looking for work
Unemployed and looking for work in Brisbane

1. Map a social indicator, or your own data across Australian communities. These heat-maps help target services at areas of greatest need.





Sydney train stations and centrelink offices
Map community assets to visualise and understand the geographic relationship between services, assets and clients in relation to each other. Upload your own datasets to organise and manage your work, and compare them with other available datasets (e.g. Centrelink offices). These can be overlaid on a heat-map of a social indicator.


Profile Page3. Collate all indicators for one area to give a profile of a community. Areas can be standard areas (e.g. suburb) or drawn on a map. Automated 60+ page reports are generated in a few minutes, packed full of key facts, graphs and time-series charts that can be reused in your own decision-making documents.



4. CIA snapshot - capital city dashboardVia a simple dashboard, quickly compare and benchmark communities to each other, their state and Australia. You define the areas and choose which indicators you want to compare.



What is publicly available data? 

Publicly available data is open data or official statistics that are already published and can be used, reused and republished without seeking permission. They have no local, national or international legal restrictions on access or usage. Australian government datasets are provided at data.gov.au. We only use publicly available data, because we want our subscribers to be confident that they can publish anything they generate with the tool.

Community Insight Australia uses Australian Bureau of Statistics data, including the Census, as well as other federal and state datasets. Our data is continually updated to provide the most recent information to our users.

 What are Geographic Information Systems?

Geographical Information Systems map spatial information to expose patterns and relationships otherwise hidden in the information of numeric tables and datasets. Maps can help us draw meaning from data that we might find obscure or burdensome in other formats.