Heat-map a Social Indicator

Interact and explore community data through a map.

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Social indicators heat-mapped enable you to identify areas of greatest need. See your data mapped by uploading a custom dataset. There are over 50 social indicators in total to choose from.


  • Drill down on areas, by zooming in and out. The zoom function will re-adjust the key, giving you for detailed comparisons between areas.
  • You can explore each social indicator down to small population blocks. Most indicators will be able to be explored down to blocks of around 150 people, although some may be based on other areas, such as postcodes.

Specific, up-to-date information

  • Social indicators are grouped into key areas: vulnerable groups, population, housing, crime, health, economy, education and skills, deprivation, access to transport and communities and environment.
  • Specific social indicators include car ownership, receipt of unemployment benefits and Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA).
  • All information is kept up-to-date, with datasets aimed to be updated within a 3 days of each release.