My areas

Our tool allows you to add a number of areas of interest, and then investigate the data for these areas in more detail. The My Areas tab allows you to create and define your own areas, which we call ‘adding a new custom area’. Once an area is defined, you can:

Add New Custom Area 

There are two methods to create custom areas:

  • Draw on a map. With our tool you can define any area in Australia, without it necessarily being a standard area (a suburb, LGA, postcode etc.)
  • Based on standard area. You can create standard areas from suburbs, postcodes, LGAs, states, or SA1s, SA2s and SA3s.

Add Category

You can create your own categories to organise your custom areas. This becomes more important as more areas are generated by people across your organisation. It allows your organisation to keep track of areas that are of importance to different teams or projects.