Upload your own data (to heatmap)

Settings> Manage my datasets

This feature allows you to upload and heatmap your own datasets (as per the picture below). You can upload numeric data by

  • LGA
  • SA3
  • SA2
  • suburb or
  • postcode. 

upload data 1

Datasets may be your organisational data or public data. There is no limit to how many datasets can be uploaded, and these can be organised under themes to be viewed on the map, and replaced or deleted as the data becomes obsolete.

To upload data, you will need a column of location information and a column of data for those locations. The spreadsheet itself can contain irrelevant columns – that’s fine, as long as the data columns are there somewhere. For example, the spreadsheet below uploads fine –  the blue columns containing LGA names and budget values are accompanied by other columns that we won’t be using.

upload data 2

NOTE: Any data uploaded is stored in Australia in a secure environment. If you are a subscriber, the maps of this data can be seen by all users in your organisation’s account, but not by users from other organisations.

To upload a dataset to heatmap, work through this menu or go straight to the page you need.