Case study: Sally’s parenting program

Let us show you how Community Insight Australia can be used to plan programs.

Sally is proposing a new parenting support program in response to a WA Government tender. The government wants to target young families who are renting and might need weekly support, as well as connections to local services. Sally’s organisation has a strong presence in Belmont, East Vic Park, Kelmscott and Morley in Western Australia, so she defines each of the areas in Community Insight Australia using the ‘add custom area’ function.

By looking at the dashboard, Sally can see that, of the four areas in her target communities, East Vic Park has the highest percentage of renters, as well as the highest percentage of children under 5.


Sally then uses the heat map to map the proportion of children under 5.


Sally finds out that there are 1010 children under 5 in East Vic Park.


Sally also discovers that there are 616 households in East Vic Park that do not own a car.


So by using Community Insight Australia, Sally targets East Vic Park to create the greatest impact. She has a good estimate of how many children live in the area. She makes sure they will be able to assist families connect with local services by building the cost of a mini-bus and children’s car seats into her budget.

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