Mapping hotspots

Clicking on the Hotspots icon will let you choose how data is mapped, by turning hotspots on or off.

hotspots 1.png

The default setting for viewing data on the maps is All Areas:

  • All areas: The colours on the map will be based on grouping all areas across Australia into 20% bands. So the top 20% of areas on an indicator are shaded dark red, the next 20% shaded light red, and so on. However, in some views, the whole map may be a single colour, due to all areas in view being in the top (or bottom) 20%

hotspots 2.png

If you would like to view ‘hotspot’ areas only then select ‘Change data mapped’ and click to map hotspots only:

  • Hotspot areas: The colours on the map will be based on the top 20% of areas across England only. The 5 colour bands are based on the top 1%, 1-5%, 5-10%, 10-15% and 15-20%. Other areas will be unshaded

hotspots 3.png

You can see that the map above doesn’t have any areas in the top 5% of concentration of Children developmentally vulnerable on two or more domains.