The dashboard shows how your areas compare with each other on key indicators, with data shown in a matrix or charts. Whilst the maps show you data for a specific indicator, the dashboard allows you to compare your areas across multiple indicators at the same time.

Open the Dashboard tab, which can be found on the grey banner running along the top of the Community Insight Australia tool.

The dashboard provides a visual representation of how your areas compare against each other.


The colours on the dashboard give you a quick and easy representation of which of your areas have the highest / lowest values compared to your other custom areas that you have created. Sometimes the colours are the opposite of what you would expect – do not assume that green (small) is good and brown (large) is bad!

More about dashboards

Read more about what the colours on the dashboard mean.

View the dashboard using charts.

Customise the dashboard so that it shows the areas, indicators and colours of your choice.