Customise the dashboard

You can customise the dashboard by selecting:

  • Which custom areas appear
  • Which indicators are used
  • What colour scheme is applied

Select which custom areas appear on the dashboard. 

Click Select Areas in the top left corner.

By default all areas are selected. Untick the box next to an area to deselect it, or untick Select All to deselect all areas and then select the ones you want. Then click Done.

Select which indicators appear on the dashboard 

Only admins can select which indicators appear on the dashboard. They can easily toggle indicators on and off the dashboard by going to Manage Indicators under Settings. If you are not an administrator, clearly set out which indicators you would like added to and removed from the dashboard and send it to your administrator. If you do not know who your administrator is, email For admins, instructions on how to select indicators can be found here:

  • Select which indicators appear on the maps and dashboard

Change the colour scheme of your dashboard