Select your colour scheme for the map and dashboard

When viewing data on the maps and dashboard, Community Insight Australia has a colour scheme to help you visualise how areas across the country compare. You can customise this colour scheme. Only Group Admins are able to change colour schemes, so email yours or if you’re not sure who your admin is.

To choose you colour scheme:

Step 1: Click Settings > Manage Group Settings 

Step 2: Select from the following colour schemes by clicking the button on the left of the one you like:


Step 3: Don’t forget to Save Group Preferences for your changes to take effect.

Notes about colour schemes:

  • The default colour scheme is the green to dark red/brown. Most people find this the easiest one in terms of telling the difference between colours. The areas coloured in dark red usually represent areas with the highest percentage or highest number of cases. In the example below the areas shaded dark red represent areas where there is a high percentage of Children aged 0 to 4 in comparison to other areas across the country.

  • There is an implication that red is bad and green is good, so if you want to avoid implying that large concentrations of children aged 0 to 4 are a problem, for example, you might want to choose a different colour scheme. In this case the first colour scheme showing yellow to blue might be a better option.

  • For branding purposes, or for people who are colour blind, the varying shades of one colour might be best. The orange colour scheme is shown below.