Australian Government

Working in partnership with Australian Government data custodians

Community Insight Australia has direct access to custodians of government data, after being selected from a pool of Big Data Public-Private Projects.

Australian Government PartnerhshipThe data being accessed for our Community Insight Australia visualisation tool incorporates key releases from all levels of Australian government, including federal, state and local councils.

Our partnerhip is being led by the Public Data Branch of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. They have established a user group to help Community Insight Australia create the most useful dataset possible. This dataset will form the basis of the tool. Through the user group, federal agencies are providing support to identify useful and relevant datasets for inclusion.

Representatives from a range of agencies, including the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Finance, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Social Services, Department of Human Services, Department of Health and the Australian Taxation Office are members of the user group.

This collaboration with government agencies is invaluable as we strive to collate the most meaningful set of social indicators.