View your services on the map

Once your group administrator has uploaded your services (which could include other locations of interest, like clients or properties) into Community Insight Australia you can view these on the map.

Click on the Services button on the left of the map and toggle specific service types on and off. In the picture below, the user has loaded in and elected to map the train stations of NSW.

view s 1.png

If you don’t see anything to turn on or off (as in the picture below), your organisation hasn’t loaded any service location data.

view s 2

Each individual icon represents one of your uploaded stock (postcode location). Where there are lots of stock in close proximity Community Insight Australia will group stock under the same icon and include the number of stock within the icon’s shape. As you zoom in, these groups will break up

Once you are viewing your services on the map, you can overlay indicators as a heatmap to compare areas of need with your locations.

For group administrators unsure how to upload service locations, see Manage my service locations