View heatmaps

Use the Data button to select an indicator to overlay as a heatmap on the map page.

  • You may need to scroll down on the right of your screen to access the full menu
  • Clicking ‘Data’ again will close the data menu

heatmap 1

Once you have chosen an indicator to view, Community Insight Australia will colour the map based on the data values. This will show how different areas compare for this indicator.

The data that you can map is a subset of over 500 indicators listed here: . The indicators you can see and the themes they are organised under are chosen by your group administrator. If you would like them changed, please contact your group administrator or email .

The data will be mapped using SA3, then SA2 and then SA1 areas. SA1 is the smallest area that census data is publicly available at, and is therefore used as the basis for all the maps in Community Insight Australia. These are areas constructed and defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. For more information about what they are and how they have been developed, please visit the ABS explanation.