Exporting user information

It can be useful to email the users within your organisation or find out how often Community Insight Australia is being used by people within your organisation.

Group Admins can download a CSV file (spreadsheet) of all users in their organisations by clicking List Users under Settings. Click on Download the list of users in text format.

export users 2

The spreadsheet includes the following fields:

export users 1

The fields are explained below:

  • Community Insight Australia group – The name of your organisation (appears in the top left corner once logged in)
  • Name – Name entered by group administrator/user
  • Email – Email entered by group administrator/user
  • Organisation – Organisation name entered by group administrator/user (optional)
  • Job title – Job title entered by group administrator/user (optional)
  • Telephone – Phone number entered by group administrator/user (optional)
  • Date Joined – Date the user profile was created
  • Date of last login – Date user last logged in
  • Number of logins – Total number of logins for that user
  • Is demo? – Used by our developers for testing features
  • Abilities – The level of access for that user
  • User ID – Computer generated identifier for user
  • Group ID – Computer generated identifier for group
  • Sites – Computer generated code used by our developers

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