Updating your reports

Your reports will not automatically update when new data is added or updated.

Recognising that you may not want to lose access to old reports, the report feature is set up so that when you generate a new report, previous reports are not overwritten.

  • To get an updated report simply generate a report for the same area and the up to date report will appear in your Reports tab alongside your old report
  • All data in Community Insight Australia is open data so use and reuse the information as you would like. We update the data in Community Insight Australia every quarter.
  • Certain datasets such as Centrelink payments are released quarterly by the Department of Work and Pensions. Other datasets such as the Census data are updated once every 5 years. When data has been updated in Community Insight Australia we will let the admins for each organisation know via email. Or to keep up to date with the latest data available on our facebook or twitter accounts.

You may want to keep all of the previous versions of your reports available in your Community Insight Australia account, or you can download copies of your previous reports for your records, or you can simply delete them so that you only have the newest reports available.