Navigating around the map

Our maps are based on Google maps, so the standard Google map features are supported.

You can go to where you want by clicking the Navigate button and typing in a place name or postcode.

navigate 1

Click the Navigate button again to close the search box.

You can also move around the map by dragging the map page with your mouse, or swiping across the map if you are using a touchscreen device.

You can zoom in and out of the map by scrolling up and down with the scroll pad on your mouse while holding the control button, double clicking/tapping on any area you wish to zoom into, or using the navigation pad (see below).

navigate 2

Drag the little yellow man (bottom left of the map screen) onto map to see the street view. To exit street view, click the arrow in the top left of the screen.

navigate 2.5 navigate 3

navigate 4

In the bottom left hand corner of your screen, you can click Satellite to use the satellite view. Click Map to revert.

navigate 5

navigate 6.png