My report is stuck pending

When you request a report for a custom area it should take roughly 10 minutes to generate. If the report has been pending for a considerable amount of time, the custom area may be too small.

In order for to generate a report, every custom area must contain at least one SA1 (standard area 1). SA1s are the building blocks of the Community Insight Australia tool and contain on average 400 people. In cities, these are 2-3 city blocks, and in regional areas can contain a whole town or a number of large properties.

To check whether you have an SA1 in the area you have defined:

  1. Go to My Areas.
  2. Click on the More options button next to the relevant custom area and select the View more info option, this will open a popup detailing information about that custom area.
  3. Under the heading Constituent Regions; there should be a series of area codes. If there are no SA1s listed here then this custom area is too small and a report cannot be generated. You will need to create a larger area which contains at least one SA1 in order to generate a report. The area in the image below has one SA1.

Usually small areas are created by drawing on the map. To expand the area you have drawn click the Edit button on the My areas page. You will be able to drag the corners of your shape to make it bigger.

If you are interested in how Community Insight Australia generates data for your custom areas, check out this article:

If you are still experiencing problems then send us an email at