Social Investment

We are seeking co-investment for the Community Insight Australia tool development, via unsecured loans of $10,000.

social investor, impact investment, changing capital, funders, advisorySocial investment with Community Insight Australia means both financial and social returns. Community Insight Australia will allow social service designers to target and tailor services to communities. Which means better outcomes for Australian communities.

We pay our investors interest of 10% per annum and interest payments are already being made. We expect that debt will be repaid within 5 years.

In Australia, the geospatial business intelligence market is relatively untapped. Community Insight Australia is targeting the Australian community housing, government agency and wider social sector. We estimate the potential impact of accessing geospatial information for the social sector in the billions of dollars. Boston Consulting Group estimates the effect of the geospatial services industry on the $16.8 trillion US economy is $1.4 trillion in cost savings or 8%1. In 2013, there were 6679 charities with over $1m annual revenue2. Further, there are currently 571 local governing bodies across Australia3 and over 140 main NSW state government agencies4 alone.

Help Australian social purpose organisations to access and understand information about the communities they serve, by investing in Community Insight Australia

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