Exporting the dashboard into Excel

There are two ways to do more with the dashboard in Community Insight Australia.

1. Use the Export button to export the data from the dashboard into Excel

You can also export this data into a CSV File: This will provide you with the raw data which you can then use to create your own charts or data visualisations.

The resulting CSV file will contain raw figures and look something like the below.

2. Copy and paste the dashboard into Excel. Once in Excel it will retain the colour formatting and you can then paste it directly into your own reports. You might want to use this feature to create a series of dashboards in Excel under themes, like health or education. Storing a dashboard in Excel means you can go back to the tool to design and create new dashboards. The example below shows the formatting that comes across with a copy and paste. Note: you will need to move the column headings one cell to the right to make them line up with the correct data.