Draw an area on the map

Use this method if the area you would like to define is not a standard area. This can be useful if your area is large, or simply one that is not defined by any of the standard area options (suburbs, postcodes, LGAs, states, SA1s, SA2s or SA3s). If your standard area is multiple suburbs, postcodes, LGAs, SA3s or states, choosing them from the standard area list may give more accurate data than drawing the big area.

If you are drawing an area, first give it a name and description. This is easily edited later if need be.

Now you can use the drawing tool:

  • Click on the blue Jump to Location button to enter a postcode or suburb and see the map for that location
  • Zoom in and out as far as you would like
  • Place points on the map around the area you would like to define. The points work as corners. Place a point by clicking (left click on a mouse). To complete your area, close the shape by clicking where you started.

Draw area 1

  • Once the area is complete you may edit it by clicking and moving the little white circles that make the corners of the area. You can edit your area in this way at a later date too.

Draw area 2

  • If you would like to start again simply click Start Over in the top left of the box

Once you are happy with your shape, select save and you will be returned to the main My Areas page.