Community Insight (UK)

Community Insight is currently used by over 80 UK organisations.

It has a proven track record with a strong and loyal subscriber base. It attracted over 50 subscribers in first 18 months from it’s 2013 launch. Over 3 renewal periods, Community Insight (UK) has only lost 5 subscribers, but three of those re-subscribed within a year without the tool!

The Community Insight tool has wide applicability and national recognition. Community Insight UK subscribers were initially housing providers. Application of the tool is broadening to UK Government agencies, with the first local authority signing up in early 2014. Moreover, Community Insight was nominated for an Open Data Innovation Award in 2014 by the Open Data Institute (UK).

Community Insight was developed by its users for its users. OCSI and HACT brought a group of social housing providers together and asked them to create a way to access the data they wanted about their communities. The tool’s technology has been trailed and tested. The Community Insight tool has improved over its time in the market and is currently beta testing its first major upgrade.

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