Step 2: Uploading your dataset

Now that you have created your metadata, you can move on to uploading the dataset.

Please remember metadata cannot be edited once the data is uploaded so do check that everything is correct.

Click Settings Manage my datasets

Step 2 1

You will see the datasets you have completed the metadata for. Now click Upload Data.

Step 2 2

To start your data import, enter a name for this data upload. This name will only be used internally. Then click Begin.

Step 2 3

Enter a time point for this data (the time period the dataset refers to). The options you see are determined by what you entered in the Date period type field in the metadata.

Step 2 4

You now have two options for importing your data: uploading a spreadsheet or copying and pasting.

If you upload a spreadsheet with many tabs, the tab that was open/on top when you last saved it will be the one imported. For guidance on how to upload data using a spreadsheet follow Step 3A: Upload a spreadsheet

For guidance on how to upload data by copying and pasting directly follow Step 3B: Copy and paste your data.

If you get to this stage and realise that you have made a mistake along the way use the change this step feature to go back and edit the timepoint or the data import name.

Step 2 5