Managing users

To manage the users within your organisation, click on List Users under the Settings tab in Community Insight Australia.

You will see a list of all users registered to your organisation’s Community Insight Australia account.

Manage users 1

A: You can download a list of all users within your organisation to a CSV file

B: Click here to add a new user. Step by step instructions at: Adding a new user

C: These letters represent the access level of each user. ‘GA’ refers to Group Admin, ‘P’ refers to a Power User, and if the space is blank, this is a ‘View Reports’ user.

D: Click on the names of each user to see their contact details and make edits to their page. The ‘Edit’ button (E), will redirect you to the same page.

F: This will delete a user permanently.

G: Shows which account you are using, you also have the option to switch to another user (H), so that you can view Community Insight Australia from that particular person’s account. This is useful if you are trying to help them over the phone. For more on switching users check out this article: Switching users

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