Generating a report

Step 1: Go to My areas and add a new custom area or choose one that has already been defined.

Step 2: Request a report for your custom area by clicking Request Report. The text will change to read ‘report pending’.

Step 3: Wait about 10 minutes for the report to generate. You can leave the page or even log out during this time without affecting the process.

Step 4: Open the Reports tab, which can be found on the grey banner running along the top of Community Insight Australia. Click on this icon to view all the reports that have been generated for your organisation. 

Step 5: Find your custom area. Check that the date next to the report is current. Click Download as Word (.doc) and the Word document will download to your computer.

The reports generated are in a word document format so you can easily take charts and images straight out of the reports and put them in your own presentations. You can select content to change the colours and font.

Can I choose which datasets are included within the report?

Unfortunately not. The reports run on one template, so each of the reports will include the same datasets and are extensive (~60 pages along). As all of the reports are produced in MS Word, it is very easy for you to pick and choose which sections of the reports are most useful to you.

As all of the data included in Community Insight Australia is published as open data, you can use and reuse this as much as you like. So, please feel free to copy and paste the parts that are most relevant to your work into your own reports, funding bids or presentations. You do not need to ask any for permissions, but you should always acknowledge Community Insight Australia and the source of the raw data.

The data visualisations from Community Insight Australia reports can be used for (for example):

  • Funding bids
  • Grant applications
  • Service planning
  • Informing members 

See example report attached.