Community Insight has many different ways that you can understand social profiles across communities.


  • Community Insight has been made for non-expert users, so no statistical experience is necessary.

Have Total Control

  • Users upload a list of addresses, select a local area or draw a neighbourhood on a map to define a community and instantly generate its social profile.

Instantaneous Analytical Productivity 

  • Create profile reports for spreadsheets of data for defined communities with  metrics and charts.
  • Compare and analyse communities by producing similar reports or datasets.
  • Compare social indicators for defined communities to state or national indicators. View all defined communities across indicator groups using a traffic light system.

Visual Representation

  • Community Insight allows users to represent data visually, for ease of market analysis.
  • Users can use a heat map, demonstrating any chosen social or demographic indicator from the country to local level with the level and categories becoming grainier as you zoom in.


  • Find other providers in the same communities, enabling closer collaboration across organisations and collective impact.