Social Profile of a Community

You can define a community and generate engaging and informative reports in under 10 minutes-empowering you with a deep dive into the social profile of any community across Australia.

1) Define a geographic area you are interested in.

    • Selecting a pre-defined region (e.g. local government area).
    • Drawing an outline on a map.

East Vic Park.png


2) Generate an automated report- ready for you within 10 minutes.

    • All reports are a comprehensive 50-page profile.
    • Community profiles are organised into key areas, with summary statistics and detailed analysis of each indicator.
    • Reports are easy to read, with each parameter explained visually through graphs.
    • The report content and layout are automated. The only variable the user changes is the geographical area the report relates to and the two other areas it compares this area to. This allows reports to be easily comparable to each other and for charts from different reports to be laid side by side.

Pilbara report - births and maternal health.png

Download a draft report here:

The reports are still very much in draft format, so please understand that we are still updating data and refining the words.